Version History

5.5.9(24/01/2023):Added six digit Modbus address system.

5.5.8(09/04/2021): Some bugs have been resolved. Performance has been improved. Excel operations have been accelerated.

5.5.7(09/04/2020): Some bugs have been resolved.

5.5.6(30/07/2019): Modbus TCP Slave protocol added. With this addition, a secondary modbus slave address can be defined for all tags. And Modbus TCP master devices are communicated.

5.5.5(20/07/2019): Some bugs have been resolved.

5.5.4(25/06/2019): Some bugs have been resolved. We have removed the need for administrator requirement at wintr scada startup.

5.5.3(29/04/2019): Some bugs have been resolved. We have removed the need for administrator requirement at wintr scada startup.

5.5.2(21/09/2017): Screen resize(scale) function was added. Webserver performance improved.

5.5.1(27/07/2017): Some bugs have been resolved. Symbolfactory loding performance improved.

5.4.7(15/04/2017): Redundant improved.

5.4.6(14/10/2016): Chiness language bug have been resolved.

5.4.4(20/05/2016): Some bugs have been resolved.

5.4.0(23/03/2016): Plc commonications and some bugs have been resolved. Emergency license, Login-Logoff with script, Ask confirmation feature for webserver was added.

5.3.6(24/12/2015): Invert function was added. Improved some function: Groupbox and Tabcontrol copy function, Drawing size control, Runtime zoom, Quick replace. Top Most function was added for screen properties.

5.3.5(30/11/2015): Quick Replace function was added for Screen Object.

5.3.4(10/1/2015): Some bugs have been resolved.

5.3.3(12/7/2015): Redundant fail count was added. Screen designer some function was added for multiple object select. Decimal place, Thousand separetor, Min/Max and Unit feature added for Textbox and Label. Scada screen zoom function with script was added.

5.3.2(5/6/2015): Webserver performance increase, Dynamic report function.

5.3.1(3/25/2015):  Cumulative updates were made. Timestamp, Plc communication, Webserver, Label, Sql Server, Backup, Tag list, Eventview, Alarm, Alrarmview, Server & client, Redundant, e.t.c.

5.2.6(1/22/2015): Zoom feature: Scada page zoom feature was added with runtime. Scada object accessible through with script. All the features of the Scada objects can be controlled.

5.2.5(12/23/2014): Alarmview, Eventwiew, Recipeview: Adjustable font size was added.

5.2.4(10/29/2014): Webserver fature: Selectable navigation buttons was added, Also enabled in-page navigation buttons.

5.2.3(10/15/2014): SQL Server 2014 support was added.

5.2.2(09/29/2014): Schedule function was added.

5.2.1(08/27/2014): Webserver added the ability to control. Webserver Controllable Object: Button, Checkbox, Radio Button, Picturebox, SymbolFactory, Cutaway, Drawing, invisible Button, Textbox, Numericupdown, Horizantal Scrollbar, Vertical Scroolbar. Other object read only.

5.2.0(05/28/2014): Network information was added. Main menu button reorganized. Zoom function bug solved.

5.1.7(04/01/2014): New screen open method was added. Symbol Factory loading performance increased.


  • Numericupdown Thousand Separator was added.
  • 46 different type SQL query added for reporting tools.
  • Print document function was update, Print screen command added.
  • Plc communication error function added.
  • Decimal place added for scale function.
  • Alternative Ip address added for Redundant and all plc communication driver.

5.0.0(02/21/2013): Please visit our blog for more information.

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  1. warner sistem says:

    hello, how do I download the previous version of the scada software. example version 5.5.6

  2. You have to download the latest version for trial. Please send your request for old versions by e-mail.

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