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Our company was established in 2005 to produce industrial automation software and hardware products. Our goal is to produce four main product groups: Scada, Plc, Operator Panel and Panel Pc. As a result of our R & D studies that we started in 2006, we realized Scada program production. Since 2009, our WinTr scada program has been made available to our valued customers.

Our other project in 2017 is Speed ​​Plc. PLC is a complete system that allows you to produce. It consists of Speed ​​Plc editor software (program running on your computer) and firmware (Chip or operating system installed on the board). With the Speed ​​Plc editor program, you can prepare plc code in ladder language.

This code will be operated by the firmware. With the Speed ​​Plc editor you can control all of Plc’s features. The firmware is currently available for ARM Cortex STM32F407VGT6 and Raspberry Pi. Within a short time, we will build firmware in other boards and integrate it into the Speed ​​Plc system.

Fulmatic 7 series PLCs were introduced in November 2018. Fulmatic 7 series PLC is a production PLC programmable control device which is designed according to the automation requirements by considering the challenging conditions of the industry. Extremely large capacity, the Fulmatic Plc can expand up to 16384 IO. It can transfer data to 17 computers at the same time. The Fulmatic series PLCs are built to compete with upper segment PLCs.

In August 2020, we launched Focus HMI systems. Focus HMI program works on all operating systems. You can use it as a SCADA program for Linux, Ubuntu, Debian, Armbian, Raspberry Pi, Orange Pi. At the same time, we started selling Fultek brand HMI panels.