Focus HMI File Transfer with FTP

You can access all files on the Focus HMI disk via FTP. You can download, upload or delete files. Note that you can damage system files and corrupt the operation of the HMI. For file transfer, we must first install the File Zilla program on our computer. You can download File Zilla from here

Run File Zilla program and enter the following information and connect to Focus HMI.

Server: sftp://

Username: focushmi

Password: focushmi

Port: 22

Local Site” is the disk of your computer. “Remote Site” is the Focus HMI disk.

Report files are located at this address in “Remote Site”. “/home/focushmi/focushmi/DefaultProject/Report Data

If you want to transfer your OEM license to Focus HMI, you should upload the file named License.lic to the “/home/focushmi/focushmi” folder. When the HMI firmware is updated, you must download the license file again.

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