PLC Zero

Development board of Fulmatic 7 PLC. Only $30

Learn Plc Programming

PLC Zero, the smallest CPU module in the Fulmatic 7 PLC family. You can use PLC programming to learn or make your own PLC. You can use all the features of Fulmatic 7 PLCs without any restrictions.  You can use SPEED PLC Program without license requirement. It is possible that the device has no protection and can be disrupted due to user error. Therefore, it is sold without warranty. We are 100% tested to ensure that no grievances occur, and we ensure that all functions are functioning.

STM32 PLC Development Board

When you buy PLC Zero, you have SPEED PLC’s firmware installed.
But you don’t have to use it as a PLC. You can also use it as STM32 Development kit . However, you will not forget! The product comes with the firmware installed by us when we receive the delivery. This firmware does not require SPEED PLC program license. But if you change the firmware, there is no return. For STM32f407VGT6, you can download the firmware that requires SPEED PLC license and use it as PLC again. But you cannot write plc code larger than 2 KB.
However, when you receive the first delivery, you can write a 115 KB PLc code with the firmware installed.

The STM32F407 will be read / write protected. You must reset the option byte to install your own firmware (for ST-Link or other programming tools).

You can download SPEED PLC Firmware in here.

Click here for recommended circuit diagram.

here for PLC ZERO circuit diagram

STM32F407 Pinout

General Features

  • All inputs and outputs are 3.3 V and unprotected. Read STM32F407 datasheet for pin currents and other information.
  • PLC Zero’s power supply is usb. It can also be supplied with 5v or 3.3v via pins.
  • PLC Zero has 42 Input / Output channels.
  • PLC Zero has 8 x 200 KHz Digital input. There are 3 buttons (I 0.0-I 0.2) for simulation.
  • PLC Zero has 8 x 655KHz Dijital output. There are 3 LEDs for simulation (Q 0.0-Q0.2) .
  • PLC Zero has 8 x 12 Bit Analog input. There are 1 trimpot (AI 0) for simulation.
  • PLC Zero has 2 x 12 Bit Analog output.
  • Also, PLC Zero has 16 x Configurable Digital input and output.
  • PLC Zero has power LEDs, plc run and plc stop LEDs.
  • 10/100 mbit full duplex ethernet.
  • There are 2 Rs485 or Rs232. But you have to make the transceiver circuit.

PLC Features when Used as PLC

– 115 KB. programming memory,
– 1 x 10/100 mbit full duplex ethernet
– Modbus TCP/IP,
– Web server with 512KB file space ,
– 2 x serial port (Modbus RTU)
– 8 x 200 KHz. digital input and 8 x 655 KHz. digital output,
– 8 x 12 Bit Analog input,
– 2 x Analog output,
– 16 x Configurable Digital input and output .

Practical Information

  • PLC Zero with no protection can be disrupted by static electricity.
    Don’t touch the bare hand pins or pcb, even if it is energized or de-energized.
  • Your PLC code or values ​​of the Datablock you load will be reset when the PLC power is switched off. Because, the SD Detect pin that detects that the PLC is de-energized is not connected. You can connect SD Detect pin with gnd for manual recording. SD Detect pin is J2 30 .
  • When you want to make your own PLC with PLC Zero, the J1 and J2 headers may need to be inserted into the back of the card. If you specify in your order we can send the bottom materials without soldering.
  • USB connection is only used for power. It does not support other usb functions.
  • PLC Zero has a real-time clock (RTC) but no battery. You must remove the R13 resistance when you want to install a battery. You can connect the 3.2v battery to pin J2 24.
  • Chip analog input is made with 3.3v. Disconnect the resistance R15 for a different analogue supply. You can supply the analog supply voltage from the pin J2 22.
  • If more than one PLC Zero connection will be made to the same network, the MAC addresses of PLC Zero’s must be changed. To do this, go online with the PLC and change the last byte of MAC address in DB0. Go offline. Change the IP address in the PLC hardware settings and upload it to the PLC. To make these settings permanent, connect J2 30 SD detec pin with gnd and PLC will go to stop. Then cut the energy and give it back.

Communication PLC

PLC Zero delivered to you with default IP address.
You can connect PLC Zero to your computer without placing a switch. You need to set computer’s IP address as first three byte same and last byte is different (192.168.0.XXX).
In order to communicate with PLC Zero over the switch, the first three byte of your network must be the same with PLC Zero IP address (192.168.0.XXX) and there must be no other device with the same IP address with PLC Zero.
If your network IP address is different from 192.168.0.XXX, you need to connect PLC Zero to your computer directly then change the PLC Zero’s IP address. You can change PLC Zero IP address from Speed PLC application’s hardware settings. After changing IP address, you need to upload hardware settings to PLC Zero. Because of PLC Zero does not save settings automatically when it’s power goes off, you need to save it manually. For manual saving, you can connect SD Detect pin to gnd. SD Detect pin is J2 30 pin.

You can download SPEED PLC Program in here.

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