Focus HMI Exporting Reports to USB Memory

There are many ways to get the reports you create in Focus HMI panels.

1- You can access the reports you have saved with the help of the web server.

2- You can access these reports by FTP file transfer method.

You can also transfer the reports you save in Focus HMI panels to USB memory.

For this, you need to add a button to your project to access the report folder from the panel.

From the functions of the button, select the Report Folder under Open Screen.

After this change, upload your project to the HMI panel.

If you click on the top line of the table to save the reports on the panel, you will see the Save button appear.

Save the report by clicking the Save button.

After saving your report, click on the Folder Path button that you added to the project.

The file of the reports we saved appears.

While the report file is selected, click the Copy under the Edit heading from the top menu.

Click on the USB stick we inserted in the Devices menu on the left.

Paste the copied file to the USB memory.

You can check that the file and the reports below are transferred.

You can access the reports by removing the USB memory from the panel and plugging it into your computer.

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