Focus HMI Script Value Entry

In Focus HMI panels, there are situations where the on-screen keyboard is not called when entering values to labels. The simplest example of this is that the on-screen keyboard does not work in the simulation of Focus HMI, while the on-screen keyboard works in the Runtime in your project file. In these and similar cases, you can use scripts to enter values for tags. import...

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Focus HMI Video Playback

You can play a video you have prepared on Focus HMI panels or a video from the internet. Playing an Uploaded Video You can transfer the video to the HMI panel with a USB stick or transfer files via FTP. If you copy your video to the desktop, you can keep it permanently. Otherwise, since the HMI is write protected, it can be deleted from the location where you copy the video. You need to prepare...

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FocusHMI Boot image and Background image Replacement

You can change the background and opening images of FocusHMI panels as you wish. Focus HMI panels system files are write protected. Start Terminal Emulator from the “Applications” menu of your panel in order to write to the system files. Connected Focus HMI via VNC server (You can also do it with the keyboard and mouse.) Open the terminal screen and execute the following command and enter your...

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Focus HMI Exporting Reports to USB Memory

There are many ways to get the reports you create in Focus HMI panels. 1- You can access the reports you have saved with the help of the web server. 2- You can access these reports by FTP file transfer method. You can also transfer the reports you save in Focus HMI panels to USB memory. For this, you need to add a button to your project to access the report folder from the panel. From the...

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Focus HMI File Transfer with FTP

You can access all files on the Focus HMI disk via FTP. You can download, upload or delete files. Note that you can damage system files and corrupt the operation of the HMI. For file transfer, we must first install the File Zilla program on our computer. You can download File Zilla from here https://filezilla-project.org/download.php?platform=win64. Run File Zilla program and enter the following...

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Focus HMI Web Server Usage

Focus HMI panels have a web server. All you have to do is click the “Activate Web Server” button from the Setup menu. The standard TCP port number for connecting to the web server will be 80. You can change the port number if you wish. You can choose what you want to reach from the web server section. After making the settings, upload your project to the HMI panel. You can connect to...

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