Focus HMI Printer Settings

In this article, I will talk about printer setup for Focus HMI. I set up for a wireless model printer.

Focus HMI panels system files are write protected. Start Terminal Emulator from the “Applications” menu of your panel in order to write to the system files.

Execute the following command and enter your password.

Password: focushmi(Not visible while typing.)

sudo /root/

System will reboot. After rebooting, open terminal screen and execute following command.

sudo apt install hplip

Say “Y”

After installing , execute the command.

sudo apt install printer-driver-gutenprint

Say “Y”

After installing , execute the command.

sudo apt install cups-bsd

After process completed, open Printer Settings from the Application Menu->Settings.

Click “Add”

Choose your printer from the opened tab.

Continue by clicking the Forward button at the bottom right.

Check the settings related toyour printer and complete setup by clicking the Apply button.

Close the window by clicking the Calcel button. If you want, print a test page by clicking the “Print Test Page” button to test your printer.

With these processes, completed the printer installation in Focus HMI panels.

Now, open the terminal screen and execute the following code to write-protect our system files.

sudo /root/

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