Focus HMI – Text Edit with HTML

In the Focus HMI program, you can edit the text as you wish. All you need to do for this is to use HTML text editing tags.

To illustrate with a simple example, it is sufficient to add <html> to the beginning of the text and </html> to the end.

For example, when we write an article like <html>Fultek Kontrol Sistemleri</html> our text will automatically edit according to the size of our button. A single line in a big button or it will go to bottom line in a small button.

Many operations can be done with HTML tags. Font color, size, type can be changed. It is possible to write to the bottom line regardless of the object size.


<h1>Fultek Kontrol<br>Sistemleri</h1>



The screen output of our article is as in the picture.

Here <h1>is the head tag, <br>is the line break tag,<p> is the pragraf tag,<i> is the italic (italic) tag. In the Focus HMI you can edit your posts using these and many similar tags.

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