Focus HMI WiFi AP Hotspot

Focus HMI professional models can be used as WiFi hotspot.

Focus HMI panels system files are write protected. Start Terminal Emulator from the “Applications” menu of your panel in order to write to the system files. (Connected Focus HMI via VNC server)

Execute the following command and enter your password.

Password: focushmi(Not visible while typing.)

sudo /root/

Focus HMI will reboot. After rebooting, open terminal screen and execute following command.

sudo apt-get -y install dnsmasq

After installing , execute the command.

sudo armbian-config

On the opening window , select Network -> Hotspot

Select wlan0 interface.

We set the WiFi of Focus HMI panel as a modem.


Password: 12345678


To change the SSID and password , select Hotspot -> Edit -> Basic

After saving the settings, we see the network we have created in the computer or phone’s WiFi connection settings.

To bring Focus HMI back to readonly mode, we open the terminal screen and execute the following line.

sudo /root/

Stop Hotspot

To use the WiFi feature of the Focus HMI panel normally again, it is enough to stop the hostapt service. For this, execute the sudo armbian-config command from the terminal screen. Then we click on Network – Hotspot and choose the Stop option.

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