What is PLC? – About PLC Systems – FULTEK Industrial

What is PLC? – About PLC Systems – FULTEK Industrial

PLC stands for Programmable Logic Controller ”. It is the foundation of industrial automation systems. There is almost no automation work without PLC. It consists of PLC editor software (program running on your computer) and firmware (Operating system installed in the chip or board). PLC code is prepared in ladder language with PLC editor program. This code will be operated by the firmware. Thus, programming in the form of electrical circuits will be completed. You can see the picture of the PLC editor program below.

PLC Software

PLC Software

As seen in the picture, we can easily prepare the electrical circuit with the PLC program. Now we need the PLC to run this code.


The CPU is produced by the PLC manufacturer. The firmware is installed in the CPU. The firmware and editor program agreed on a common language. The PLC code prepared in the editor program is compiled before being loaded into the PLC. The compilation means converting to the common language we just mentioned. The compiled code is more accurate to say data. The data is loaded into the PLC. Firmware in the PLC runs this data sequentially.


PLCs are very advanced devices compared to the first PLCs. There are multiple memory areas. The data containing the PLC code is one of these memory areas. Another memory space is where the values of the PLC variables are stored. These variables are divided into two groups as the ones that store the value and do not keep the value when the energy is cut. Finally, it is the WEB memory space in the upper segment PLCs. Some PLCs contain webservers. With the Webserver feature, access to PLC variables is provided by internet browser programs.


The PLC CPU module usually has communication ports and a limited number of digital inputs / outputs and analog inputs / outputs. Usually this number is insufficient. Additional input-output modules are added to the PLC due to the modular structure of the PLC when additional input-output is required. The following figure shows the PLC set.



The PLC capacity is not limited to the input-output modules you see in this picture. Of course, each PLC manufacturer has produced PLCs with different capacities. For example, the Fulmatic 7 PLCs 8192 Digital input or 512 analog inputs can also expand to 8192 digital outputs or 512 analog outputs.

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PLC Training

As in the WinTr SCADA program, we attach great importance to education. Since the beginning of 2019, we will start the PLC training on the internet. We will also prepare a number of PLC training videos and publish them on our Youtube channel. In certain periods, we will plan PLC trainings in our company headquarters.

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For more information about Plc, please visit Wikipedia.

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